Orlando, Tampa & Winter Park Aviation Insurance

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Orlando, Tampa & Winter Park Aviation Insurance

Many own their own personal aircraft, We want to quote for you no matter how big or small your aircraft is. We are a local Central Florida, Orlando based Insurance Agency working for you and the Avaition Insurance. We have the best Carriers available so we can compare all viable Carriers for the needs you have, From Planes to Hot Air balloons we want to work for you. One person my just have their Hobby Aircraft and another Person/Corporation could have a fleet of planes with hangers around the World. We want to insure all of your needs, if you want a agent who will consistantly watch the market for rate changes and your renewal costs you will not be sorry you decided to allow us to work for you. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Pleasure aircraft- What do you fly? I would love to learn about what you are doing.
  • Business aircraft- Includes Hot Air Balloon Rides, Leased Planes, you name it we will work on the account and get you quality competitive quotes. 
  • Industrial Aid- where ever you need to fly we will help you with needed coverages.
  • Hangar-how many do you have? No matter how many you have we would love the opportunity to quote for you. 
  • Airport premises- Please don’t damage others property, but accidents do happen  and we have coverage for it!
  • Fixed base operators (FBO) – Fuel issues, Maintenance and Instruction facilities coverage is available
  • Flight schools- Give us a call!
  • Non-owned- A needed coverage for some people, A smart coverage for most. 
  • Flying clubs- Have you ever Participated in the pumpkin drop?
  • Aerial applicators- We can insure this type of Business.
  • Products liability- If you make it let us insure it!
  • Workers’compensation- Needed!! I can do a Carve out of your Corporate policy having just Pilots on a policy. 

Airplanes- all types, give us a call

Hot Air Balloons- Commercial and Recreational- Give us a call

AIRPORTS & HANGARS- Insure airports and hangars of all sizes are adequately covered in the event of a small accident or a full scale emergency.

PROPERTY & AUTO- Insurance policies that protect the property and vehicles that are in - or in the vicinity of airports, airfields and hangars.

FBOS & FUEL FARMS- Make sure your clients fuel farms and their Fixed Based Operators and associated facilities are sufficiently insured.

CRIME & CYBER LIABILITY- Help your clients protect their personnel, their property, their data - and ultimately their business with first and third party coverage.