Medicare has different parts to it that make up the whole plan for people.  Since everyone is different so are the medical needs for each of us. Some people need prescriptions more then others,  some need a free Gym membership.  Yes,  there are plans that offer a free gym membership!  What we want you to get from this web site is we make out living by helping you get the right plan and Medicare information that you need. We will help you enroll and will be your Agent for the rest of your life if we take care properly so lets get started. Below is a brief over view of medicare,   there is more in depth information on our other pages and at   

Medicare Part A-  This covers your Inpatient Hosptial; care, skilled Nursing facility, Hospice, Lab Tests, Surgery, and Home health care if needed. 

Medicare Part B- This covers Medical Insurance like Doctor Visits and other Health Care providers,.If you need an outpatient care this is also under the Part B plan,  including Durable Medical Equipment, Home Health Care and some preventative services. 

Medicare Part D- Prescription drug coverage is provided with Part D. 

Medicare Advantage- Private Companies Like United health Care, Humana, WellCare etc have contracts with medicare and they can also offer you prescription drug coverage.   You can Choose a PPO or an HMO.  There are more choices we can get into when we talk together. Medicare Advantage can give you the Basic medicare coverage and then they added additional benefits that are attractive to many people. 

Financial Penalties- There are financial penalties when you do not enroll in the Propert time frame when you first become eligible if you do not have credible coverage elsewhere. This can be avoided, please contact us so that we may help you avoid this   

Are you turning 65?   We will make this as easy as possible and trive to clarifiy all confusion the choices make.    

What ever your need is,  we are very serious about finding the best set up for you.  we offer a Corporate seminar for those in a business if that is of interest.   If we take care of you properly we will be the only Insurance Agent for Health care you ever need.  That is why we take the time to do the right thing the first time helping you get what is the most Suitable Health Care benefits for your needs Medically and Financially.    We want to be there for you as your Agents for the rest of your life.   Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.