Skating Rink Insurance- Roller and Ice

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Skating Rink Insurance- Roller and Ice

We are a skating family, I have been skating for over 40 years and the family has taken to the sport.   Covid will not stop us from Skating!!   Benson Insurance provides the most reliable service in the industry, We reside in Florida and service many States across America.   If we are not registered in your State and you like our quotes we will register and be able to work with you. We will continue year after year to provide you with the best policy for your Business while making ourselves easily available at any time you need.   For any reason you would like us to quote for you please let us know. We want to see your business thrive and not pay more than necessary for insurance coverage,  Insurance is not charity so let’s not pay higher than necessary costs and keep America Skating !

You might carry 3 of these polices or more, we can help with all your insurance needs. General Liability, Property, Work Comp, Umbrella, Participants, Sewer back up, Flood etc...   We want to find the best quotes for rinks, keeping insurance costs competitive is important. Do you have a certain issue you want to discuss with a professional?   Is your Agent available when you need?  I have been told we offer the best service that people experience. Call me now to get the quoting process started.

I have been skating one form or another for over 40 years.   Why not have a skater insure your skating rink!!   My wife and I have 3 kids and they have all taken to the sport and we love this family entertainment!   I want to see your rink one day but it is not necessary for our relationship to be successful. With today’s technology, we can work for you!

If you have more then just a Rink,  we also handle Sport Complexes and Entertaiment centers,  FEC activities no worries,  we will work on it!