65 This year


Are you turning 65 and in Florida?   I want to provide you all the information needed to get into Medicare correctly.   I want to be your Agent for Life and I am willing to earn that position.  I will earn the position by making sure you have the best medicare set up for you or anyone you know.   Each person is different,  allow me to help and I will always be one call away.   Turning 65 is a big deal,  if you do not follow the rules there can be penalties.  I want to help!

If you are reading this,  you found me because you have a need.   I make Insurance as easy as it can be and I am very dilligent with getting what is best for each person.  I take the job very seriously, I have been in Insurance over 15 years I do not sell based on what is best for me and my pocket. EVER. 

Please call me now,  407-383-3659


Thank  you, 

Adam Benson