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Dear Friends and World I see many people's Insurance Bills doubling or more, If you know me, you probably know I like getting a good deal. This also means for my clients, I just do not like the feeling of over paying and when it's my Insurance I cant stand having something kinda covered. Lets face it, a huge deductible of any kind means we pay, my job is to hunt down the lowest amount for the broadest coverage by a quality Carrier. Which is not what I see every agent doing, CARRIERS are increasing our deductibles and being harder when dealing with claims.


     I just saved one company way more then I expected, In stead of @ $18,000 I found better coverage for @$12,500. Another client was facing a @ $38,000 bill and I found it for under $19,000. Theses examples are real, I'm really looking to see how much can I save you or the company you work for. ( If any) We will not know until I have tried, or reviewed what you currently have. I'm Licensed in many States working as the Agent for an extensive amount of different businesses,

     if you Own a large or small company, It does not matter, same if you work for a large or small business. Mt aim is to save people money, help them understand their Insurance and we handle mostly Businesses and the people in them, Liability of most kinds, Property, Work Comp, check out my web site. We even have a department that helps people enroll into Medicare as they turn 65 with the best year after year service you can experience.


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