Hello Fellow Skaters !!

What a great weekend at Stardust Skating Rink in Sarasota Florida.  This was for the last compition to be held there since they closed a couple weeks ago.  it is a sad thing to see,  the Skating Critic estimates over 100 rinks closed in the past year. I want to help you with Insurance costs, The more you save the better off the Rinks bottom line is. This Agency is a great place to get your Insurance for any type of skating needs,  Roller Rinks, Ice Rinks, Bring it on. Do you have a skate park?   I can offer some really competitive Insurance quotes !!   

I have been skating over 40 years with wheel under me of all kinds, even Ice from time to time! .I am typically in Riedell Art Boots with Atlas plates but I do from time to time like to ride the Riedel 695's with Reactor Plates, Sometimes I wish I still had my Santa Cruz Red Dot deck, Independent Trucks,   You know what I'm saying!! 

Feel free to just call me on the website phone number, 407-383-3659 or hit me up on one of my email addresses.  I would love to be your Agent and would be the most responsive Agent you ever experience from the time you purchase the policies, to renewals and claims. I might play around alot on skates, but Insurance is not charity. Let me try to save you some money..  


Thank you, 
Adfam Benson