What do I need to know about Medicare

There is so much you need to know,    That is why my Insurance Agency also handles Medicare.  As my clients are getting older some were expressing confusion so we expanded our services to medicare.    

The most important part of knowing what you need to know is knowing us!!   We learn about your needs, your Doctors and what Medications you take.  We study what plans meet those needs and explain why each one is different and why we recommended the particular plan.  We narrow it down and typically make a recommendation or maybe 3 but usually no more then that since there are so many different plans but really when an Agent listens and asks the right questions the right plan becomes more obvious.   

Some people live in areas that has many choices,  I like my Medical needs met close to home, so we strive to find Doctors offices close to you.  We even have ways to get you rides to the Doctors office and back home. 

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Thank you

Adam Benson